Choosing the Right Swarovski Crystal iPhone Case – What to Look for


Phone cases are a great way of keeping your new phone safe from daily use. With a good case, you can drop it a couple of times or lay it on the floor to no ill effect. However, to the fashion conscious, there is more to an iPhone case than functionality. Since bling iPhone cases are highly decorated, you should spend some time sizing up the case to ensure that you not only get something that is functional but also a crystal patina that resonates with your personality.


Minding the functionality

Even though most Swarovski iPhone cases look delicate, they are functional and do play an important secondary role of protecting your smartphone. Other than this, they are a true fashion statement meaning that their functionality should also lean on their ability to retain their looks for longer. You would want to choose a case that will look good on your but is strong enough to endure your daily schedule.

Matching your case with your lifestyle

While a heavily studded crystal phone case with an assorted of big crystals would be perfect for someone who keeps their phone in a pouch, it would be useless if your daily schedule puts you in harsh conditions. If you are a more demanding user, consider going for small-crystal cases will give you something that looks glamorous and handles easily.

Make it standout

The whole idea behind purchasing Swarovski iPhone cases is to make your phone standout. This might push you into buying intricate patterns or perhaps investing in a true 3-D bling case. If you are a true fashion lover, you could go for a couple of cases for different occasions. Matching your case with the mood of an event is like choosing the right tuxedo or gown for a party. It will make you look and feel classier for as long as your phone is in your hand.

The quality of the build


At the end of the day, Swarovski iPhone cases are just normal iPhone cases covered with Swarovski crystals. The durability of the casing depends on the type of glue used to bind the crystals to the case and the quality of the casing. While shopping online might sound like a great idea, it could prove disastrous especially if the vendor does not allow you to investigate the product on delivery. Investigating the casing closely will help you identify any flaws and only pay for what will look good for longer.

Genuine and counterfeit crystals

Fake jewelry is real. Just as there are fake diamonds and gold earrings, fake Swarovski crystals are flooding the market to fill up the demand gap. A good way to ensuring that you purchase a genuine crystal case is by checking the credibility of the seller. Reputable sellers will most likely sell genuine products since their reputation is on the line. The alternative would be looking for the Crystalized ID and crosschecking it against what Swarovski has on record. Genuine IDs mean you got the right bling iPhone case.

Understanding the pricing

prize their products based on:

Color of crystals used

Number of crystals in the design

The complexity of the design

Since you can never tell how many crystals or hours went into making the design, comparing prices would be the only reasonable way to getting a fair priced crystal case. Never purchase a case on sight unless it is really good. Browsing through a catalog will always get you something more impressive going at the same price range.

Masculine or feminine

Inasmuch as bling cases are cool, keeping to the feminine and masculine code will always ensure you take the right thing home. The cases will be notable. Everyone will turn their heads. This is what you want to happen – only that you don’t want to walk away wondering why a man is holding such a feminine phone in his hands.

A good Swarovski iPhone case is an absolute fashion statement. It will make you stand out – especially if you know how to match your attire with the phone. Buying from a reputable seller will not only save you the authentication process but also ensure that you get amazing designs and sometimes a guarantee should the case have any manufacturer flaws.